IPCEI CIS: EU Nations Unite to Challenge U.S. Dominance in Cloud Computing

On December 5, the European Commission granted approval for a substantial injection of state aid, amounting to up to 1.2 billion euros ($1.30 billion), into a transformative European cloud computing initiative. This strategic move aims to enhance the participation of EU businesses in a sector traditionally dominated by U.S. companies.

Named the IPCEI Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure and Services (IPCEI CIS), this collaborative project enjoys support from seven European Union member states: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Spain. Collectively, these nations are committed to contributing 1.2 billion euros in public funding, which is anticipated to catalyze an additional 1.4 billion euros in private investments, as outlined by the European Commission.

Didier Reynders, the EU Commissioner overseeing competition policy, underscored that the IPCEI initiative is poised to generate approximately 1,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities initially, focusing on roles for data scientists and AI specialists. As the project progresses, this number is expected to burgeon to 5,000 jobs. Reynders emphasized the innovative nature of the projects, emphasizing their role in ensuring that public funds are directed toward fostering innovation and efficiency in the economy.

In a demonstration of fiscal responsibility, companies benefiting from the aid will be obliged to return a portion of it should the project yield additional revenue. The anticipated timeline for the project’s initial outcomes is set around the conclusion of 2027.

The IPCEIs, a pivotal component of the European Union’s strategy, aim to synergize research, financial resources, and business endeavors to propel EU economic growth, enhance competitiveness, and facilitate green and digital transitions. Since 2018, the European Commission has greenlit six IPCEIs, spanning sectors such as batteries, hydrogen, microelectronics, and communication technologies.

This European cloud technology venture boasts a consortium of 19 companies, featuring industry leaders like Atos and Orange from France, Deutsche Telekom and SAP from Germany, as well as Telecom Italia and Telefonica Espana. Notably, the cloud computing realm is currently dominated by global giants Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.


In conclusion, the approval of significant state aid for the IPCEI CIS project marks a pivotal step in fortifying Europe’s position in the cloud computing landscape, fostering innovation, and creating substantial employment opportunities. The collaborative nature of the initiative, involving major players across EU member states, underscores a concerted effort to bolster economic growth, competitiveness, and technological advancement.

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